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Why Us? Quality, Commitment, Manufacturing & Shipping


At Plus Closets, product quality is one of our highest priorities. We take pride in knowing that our professionally manufactured storage systems are produced with the highest quality materials, precision manufacturing equipment and trained, professional staff.

You can count on our products being accurately manufactured and built from quality materials. For almost 35 years, we have been perfecting the selection of hardware and other materials that go into the assembly and construction of our products.

Plus Closets Quality Highlights:

  • Constructed of durable high quality furniture-grade, thermally-fused laminate (Melamine)
  • Two-sided color laminate is standard, with all exposed edges completed with edge banding
  • Panels are notched along the top to allow the use of a 2-way adjustable suspension bracket to be certain system can be installed flush to the wall

Our particle board laminate material offers superior qualities including:

  • "Manufactured using an ultra low emitting formaldehyde resin system. This makes it the optimal choice for additional LEED points, and other ULEF specified projects." Source: Flakeboard
  • "Panel products are made with 100% recycled and/or recovered wood fiber, and is an ECC™ (Eco-Certified Composite) sustainably certified product." Source: Flakeboard
  • "Contains 100% recycled/recovered wood content." Source: Flakeboard
  • "The North American composite panel industry is predicated on the optimal use of forestry byproducts and residuals — turning this recycled and reclaimed material into higher value products so it's not wasted. By their very nature, composite wood panels — along with agrifiber-based panels — are among the greenest products available for architectural, construction and consumer products." Source: Composite Panel Association

Refer to our "QUALITY COMPARISON" for more information on why Plus Closets outperforms the competition as the best wholesale source for closet dealers!


At Plus Closets, we are committed to our motto: "Our Shop is Your Shop." This extends throughout our entire business from customer service through manufacturing, shipping and product support. Our professional and hard working team is the best trained and most experienced in the industry. We are resolute in our determination to help you succeed.

Plus Closets is also dedicated to excellence. Your order will ship in 25-40 business days from the time the order is placed, arriving complete and ready to install. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to call.


Once the design is finalized and your job is submitted to production, it goes to our experienced manufacturing team to be produced. All work is done on site in our state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Plus Closets utilizes several state-of-the-art CNC and Edgebander machines to cut and shape the materials — all while minimizing waste.

Equipment includes:

  • Three Biesse CNC wood router machines
  • Two HoMag EDGETEQ-S-500 edge banders
  • Two contour edgebanders to tackle curved panels or shelves
  • Two doweling machines
  • One panel saw
  • Four strapping machines
  • One robotic skid wrapping machine

Each component is run through strict quality control protocols to ensure perfection in the final piece. Every edgebanded piece is visually inspected for perfection. Any manufacturing associate can and will reject a sub-standard or damaged part, ordering it re-made.



    After the system is manufactured, each panel is labeled to correspond to the installation instructions. NO SORTING THROUGH COMPONENTS FOR MULTIPLE PROJECTS BEFORE INSTALLING FOR DIFFERENT CLIENTS. Your job is then shipped in a 4x8 ft. durable wood floor skid box. Each order ships out ready-to-install within 25-40 business days of ordering.

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