Trim Options Moulding, Flutes, Vents

Mouldings are available in every color to match your Plus Closets system except Canvas, Chino and Frequency.

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding can butt up to the ceiling, or simply be installed against the top of any height system for a decorative, furniture type look. All crown moulding installations require both the fascia and crown pieces.

Fascia Board
Contemporary Crown Molding
Contempo Style
Contemporary Crown Molding Sample Photo
Contempo Example
Traditional Crown Molding
Traditional Style
Traditional Crown Molding Sample Photo
Traditional Example

Scribe Moulding

Standard scribe molding
Scribe Moulding
Standard quarter round used with scribe molding
Quarter Round

Base Moulding

Standard quarter round used with base molding
Quarter Round
Standard quarter round used with base molding example
Quarter Round Eample
Contemporary base shoe molding
Contempo Style Shoe
Contemporary style base shoe molding example
Contempo Example
Traditional base molding
Traditional Style Shoe
Traditional base molding example
Traditional Example
Base slab molding
Base Slab
Base slab molding example
Base Slab Example


Flutes can be ordered with or without rosettes. The flutes are one piece and available in lengths up to 94" — when ordering rosettes, they are integrated into the flute, not separate pieces.

Flutes with or without rosettes
Flute Styles
flute with rosettes installed in closet island
With Rosette Example


Scalloped Vent Cut Out
Scalloped Vent
Vent Cut Out with Grill Cover
Vent with Grill Cover