Packing & Shipping

We Pride Ourselves on Our Packing & Shipping Practices

At Plus Closets, we pay particular attention to packing and shipping. When multiple closets or systems are included in an order, Plus Closets will meticulously package all components by project — that means if your order contains systems for multiple rooms or clients, everything for each closet, pantry, etc. is bundled separately. You will never find the panels for the laundry room storage cabinets bundled with the panels and shelves for the closet in the child's bedroom. Also, parts for "Mr. Smith's" closet will never be mixed together with parts for "Mr. Jones' " closet, even if the systems are similar and your order for both is placed at the same time. Furthermore, everything is color coded by stamping a colored dot onto the individual component boxes within the carton. This way, you instantly know that the panels and shelves coded with the green dot require the hardware package also coded with the green dot. The red job needs the accessories with the red label, etc.

We will put them together in a single 4 foot x 8 foot shipping carton to get you the best price on transportation fees, but when you open the carton, it will be very easy to sort the components by project. This applies to every job, whether it is being shipped to the next state, or overseas to another country.

Plus Closets Shipping Highlights:

  • All components carefully hand packed
  • All components sorted and packaged by project
  • When there are multiple projects in an order, they will be color coded
  • Sturdy 4 foot x 8 foot cartons packed for best shipping cost

carefully loading crates onto the shipping truck with a fork lift

When your job is ready to leave our factory, we carefully load your 4 foot x 8 foot crate onto the truck, taking all possible precautions to ensure your entire order will arrive at its destination in a timely manner and in excellent condition.


Plus Closets earns a Blue ribbon for best shipping

 1  Hand Packed

Plus Closets carefully hand packs all components in shipping crate

 2  Color Coded

Plus Closets color codes all components in shipping crate

 3  Carefully Loaded

Plus Closets carefully loads order onto truck

Plus Closets Pick-Up Hours

Dealers may also opt to pick up completed orders themselves from our dock, rather than having them shipped to their offices via freight carrier. Pick up times must comply to our posted hours in order to ensure that staff is available to assist with your needs.

Pick up hours: 7AM - 4PM Monday through Friday except for holidays.

Refer to our "COMPETITOR COMPARISON" for more information on why Plus Closets is the best wholesale source for closet dealers!