Amazona Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL)

Sample in Amazona

Named for the area that surrounds the Amazon River, Amazona evokes a feeling of tropical warmth enfused with the strength of the mighty Amazon itself.

The laminate is a light wood tone with a pronounced but even striation. The wood grain mimics natural wood grain patterns with large rings of rapid growth alternating with smaller, darker bands of slow growth. The hue spans a range of warm brown tones, including a warm honey color as the predominant base with dark, coffee colored bands of simulated wood grain throughout. It has an embossed finish with a texture that feels like natural wood with a bit of varnish over it.

Closet in amazona thermally fused laminate with brushed chrome hardware

Please be aware that colors can vary on every monitor or device. These images are for general reference only. Use your sample box provided to all Plus Closets® dealers for physical color samples to show your clients.