How to Become A Dealer

Four Step Dealer Application Process:

Step 1 Contact Us

Please complete the CONTACT US FORM and submit it from the website. This form will give us some preliminary information we will need for our files.

Step 2 Talk to Us

After completing the CONTACT US FORM, you will be contacted by one of our professionals in the Business Development Department to explore the opportunity and address specific questions you may have. We seek a partnering relationship and this personal contact is important.

Step 3 Dealer Application Package

Those who are a likely fit will be asked to complete the more formal Dealer Application package. This occurs after the initial phone conversation and consists of a series of forms that you will need to complete and sign.

New Dealer Application Package: In order to become a registered Plus Closets dealer we need certain information from you. Descriptions of the forms we will ask you to fill out once you submit the CONTACT US FORM are detailed below.

  • New Account Application: Please complete all areas and affix your signature
  • Trade References:
    • Required when applying for open credit
    • We will make credit decisions after six months history
  • Credit Card Payment Authorization Form:
    • Provides a place to list all employees who are authorized to use the card for Plus Closets charges
    • Please be sure that all entries have a signature
    • We retain a digital copy of this form
  • E-Check Authorization Form:
    • Allows for you to pay by faxed check
    • Simply make out your check and position it on the bottom of the form
    • Fax it to 630-832-6878
    • This form needs to accompany every faxed check
  • Sales Tax Registration: Without this form we are obligated to charge local sales tax which is currently 8%
  • Shipping Information:
    • Provides us with the correct shipping instructions
    • Please note if UPS deliveries have a different ship to address

Step 4 Be Patient

Potential/prospective Dealer evaluations and processing of applications can take up to 2-4 business days. Once we have everything approved and entered into our database, you will receive a welcome letter with the information you will need to access the confidential dealer side of the website where you will find order forms, sales & marketing materials, price sheets and more.