Dec. 11, 2017

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ClosetPRO drawing software update

ClosetPRO™ Drawing Software Update and New Features!

Version 2.8.30 Is Live!

Plus Closets® Dealers who signed up For the ClosetPRO drawing software service have access to the following new features, making your workflow even more productive:

  1. User/Dealer Settings
    Ability for individual Dealers to change the system settings to match your specific preferences, plus access to these items:
    • Default Closet Depth
    • Default Island Depth
    • Use of Top and/or Bottom Cleats
    • Filler/Bridge Space
    • "Wiggle" Room
    • Proposal Defaults
    • Notes, Labels and Annotations
    • And more...
  2. Proposal Documents and Check Box
    You can now attach documents to your proposals! After creating the proposal, you can edit it and upload as many external documents as you want. You can also add a Disclaimer that, when used, will force the customer to check a box agreeing to the Disclaimer before the proposal can be accepted.
  3. Filler/Bridge Shelves with Uppers
    Upgraded the filler/bridge shelves to properly interact with upper cabinets. This includes allowing crown moulding to cleanly wrap around a corner.
  4. New Backing Options
    Expanded backing drop down list within each section to allow you to remove backing from a base, top, upper or open area within an individual unit.

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