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July 11, 2017

sample of mixed door styles
Sample Mixed Door Styles on Cocoa Bean Laminate System: Villa (five piece laminate) door and drawer fronts were used on this wall bed system in conjunction with with Slab/Flat Standard (laminate) drawer faces on the shallow drawers and pull-out table. Clear lami inserts (glass) on open face Villa doors cover all the upper cabinets to display books. NOTE: Notice that Slab/Flat Standard was used on the 5 inch drawers rather than Contempo Thermofoil. Villa drawer fronts have a minimum height of 7.4 inches. Slab has the same outer profile (no bevel) and is available in the 5 inch size. It is a beautiful compliment to the Villa faces. By keeping all the door and drawer material laminate, a perfect color match was achieved between all door and drawer fronts. When designing a system, it is usually best to keep the doors and drawers in the same material — in this case laminate.

sample of wood and laminate system
Sample Mixed Wood and Laminate System: All wood Crownpoint doors and drawer fronts were used with laminate structural components. The most noticeable part of any system is the door and drawer fronts. By using wood in these key areas, The owners of this closet achieved the premium elegance of a wood closet system with a less than premium price tag due to the laminate shelving and structural components. The color between the wood and the laminate is a great match and you'd have to look very close to notice that the materials are not the same.
NOTE: A thermofoil option can be used on the five inch drawer fronts, however, color variances will apply. Best result would be to use a Flat Standard/Slab laminate face for any shallow drawer fronts not available in the natural wood style.

sample of premium Stylite and standard laminate system
Sample Premium Styleite Doors Used With Standard Laminate Closet Structure: High gloss Stylite doors are a contemporary focal point of this system. All the doors are in the slab melamine style — the only door style offered with the Stylelite laminates. Standard laminate in a contrasting, neutral gray was used for the interior and structure of the closet system.

Plus Closets Doors & Drawers

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Our Doors & Drawers

Plus Closets carries sixteen different door profiles. Eleven of these are available open face — which means the center panel can be removed in order to substitute one of our glass, mirror or mesh panel inserts instead. This gives you a total of twenty seven choices of door style to select from when ordering your doors and drawers. Doors and drawers are often the most visible part of a closet or organization system. Picking the right one can make or break a project. However, choosing the perfect door or drawer for your project goes beyond just showing pictures to the client and selecting a traditional, transitional or contemporary profile to go with their household decor. There are several factors that go into proper door selection including style, price, color, intended use, size and client preference.

There are five basic types of doors or drawer faces to select from at Plus Closets:

  1. Standard Melamine: This type includes our slab/flat style laminate door and drawer fronts only. These doors and drawers are manufactured at the Plus Closets factory out of the same furniture quality 3/4" laminate as the rest of your system and will be an exact match to your shelves and other system components. They have a high quality, eco-friendly particle board core. All of our slab style laminate doors and drawers are edgebanded on all four sides for a quality look. This is the only door or drawer style available for Stylite® High Gloss or Stylite® Velvet Finish laminates.
  2. One Piece Thermofoil: This group includes Italia, Elegante, Aspen, Harmony, Contempo, Regal, Shaker and Shaker Elite/Bead Board. All thermofoil doors, drawer fronts and mouldings are machined out of a 5' x 8' sheet of 100% recycled, CARB II compliant, medium density fiber board (MDF) which forms the core of the component. Water based glue is applied and one of our many colors are membrane pressed into the parts to make the door. Thermofoil doors made from MDF can be a great low maintenence, lower cost alternative to wood. The laminate color is applied to the front of the door only and the backside of the door can be a slightly different, coordinating stock color. A full listing of rafix and backings for each laminate color is detailed in the Laminate Color Information Chart posted on the DEALER ZONE of the website. Registered dealers can log in in order to access this document from the INFO section. This document is also included with every Plus Closets Color Sample Presentation Kit.
  3. Five Piece Laminate: This group includes Tuscany, Villa and Bella profiles. All Plus Closets five piece doors and drawer fronts are contructed in a fashion similar to a solid wood door — each has five pieces that are fused together (except for open frame that has four pieces). This gives the door or drawer the authentic look of wood construction without the premium price tag of a solid wood product. Through mortise and tenon construction, the stiles and rails are glued and clamped around a center of 1/4" thick, CARB II compliant, two-sided MDF. Unlike the one piece thermofoil doors, the five piece doors and drawers use the same color laminate on both sides. Drawers are avaialble in 7", 10" and 12" sizes. None are available in the 5 inch face sometimes used with shallow drawers. You need to use a complimentary style of drawer front or make the face larger if your system includes 5" drawers. Our standard Slab/Flat door will be a good match. Five piece laminate doors/drawers come in limited colors that vary by profile. Check the doors and drawers page of our website and click on the picture of the door you are interested in for specifics on these styles.
  4. Natural Wood Doors: This group includes Crownpoint, Unity and Lowland door and drawer profiles. Natural wood doors are constructed from five pieces — two stiles, two rails and a center panel. This wood series is available pre-finished in White, Cocoa, Corretto Cherry, Ivory, Moonlight, Morning Dew, Rain Cloud and Shiraz Cherry. They are also available unfinished so that you can stain or paint them yourself. Solid wood doors, drawer faces and mouldings feature the natural beauty of real woods. Part of the beauty comes from the irregularities in color and grain. Thus, variations among component parts are to be expected. The natural wood series of door and drawer profiles carried by Plus Closets are constructed from cherry or alder woods depending on finish selected.
  5. Open Frame Doors & Drawer Faces: This group includes Aspen, Harmony, Tuscany, Villa, Bella, Regal, Shaker, Crownpoint, Unity and Lowland. The last three are natural wood. The rest are thermofoil with MDF core. Depending on whether they are one piece or five piece, the laminate color will be either single or double sided. Open frame doors and drawers are the same as their full frame counterparts and feature the same profiles, minus the center panel. They are designed to accept glass, mirror or mesh panel inserts as the alternate center panel. There are seven types of glass panel inserts available: White Lami (frosted); Clear Lami; Gray Lami (smoked); Bronze Lami (frosted); English Reeded; and Mirror. They are usually used as an accent or when contents of a cabinet is intended for display. Open frame door styles are also available with mesh panel inserts. Mesh panel inserts only come in black. They are typically used for cabinets housing audio/video equipment, or when heat build up from electonics might become an issue. Open frame faces cannot be used for 5" drawers.

All Plus Closets doors and drawer fronts are 3/4" solid core material and have excellent durability. We do not offer any hollow core products. Our products are universally CARB II compliant and meet or exceed all standards for safety set forth by the California Board of Emissions. The different types of door/drawer fronts have different minimum and maximum sizes. Please check the doors and drawers page of the website for recommended dimensions on the style you are interested in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When mixing drawer face styles, as when ordering drawer faces for a 5" drawer to compliment the open face styles used elsewhere on the system, it is important to give careful consideration to the door profiles. There can be a slight variation in hue between the laminate version of a color and its thermofoil counterpart. Although it is generally not noticeable when all the doors and drawers are made from the same material — i.e. all thermofoil or all laminate — it is advisable to stick with the same material for all doors and drawer fronts, especially when they are close together — don't mix the laminate doors (slab/flat standard and the 5 piece profiles) with thermofoil doors (the one piece profiles) unless you are using it as a different, accent color, or the doors/drawers are far apart. The Contempo thermofoil door style offers the same profile as Slab/Flat Melamine and might be a better choice depending on your design.