Dec. 2016

360 Organizer rotating pantry organization system

Get a full 360 degrees of manually rotating storage and maximize the amount of pantry storage available with the new 360 Organizer® pantry by Lazy Lee®.

Become a dealer today in order to begin including this innovative pantry design in your kitchen rennovation projects!

Announcing the Latest Model to the 360 Organizer Family!

The NEW 360 Organizer® Pantry with built-in cabinet began shipping in November 2016! It integrates with a standard kitchen cabinet, but holds much, much more.

The NEW 360 Organizer® Pantry can be used alone, or built into your kitchen cabinetry design. It fits very well into a small pantry closet. The unit is 32" deep x 32" wide x 91.5" high. The main shelves are 11.5" x 18" on one side and 6.5" x 18" on the other. Side shelves measure 3.5" x 18". All shelves for this new pantry model include chrome fences to ensure items stay put. Like all 360 Organizers, the unit spins smoothly and silently through manual rotation.

Including this 360 Organizer® in your pantry projects can greatly increase available storage for your customers, and 360 degrees of quiet rotation makes it easy to find and view stored items. Nothing gets lost in the back.

Build the 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® into your kitchen pantry design 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® rotating pantry system