CAD Engineering Software for Plus Closets®

Cabinet Vision: Customized CAD Program for Plus Closets® Dealers

Plus Closets® employs screen to machine technology on all our products. This means that when designs are finalized and the CAD drawings are produced, our customized version of Cabinet Vision software interfaces directly with the CNC machines in our factory, cutting your job exactly as it was drawn, streamlining the design to production process and eliminating the possibility of errors that can occur when translating drawings to CNC. Plus Closets® offers this customized CAD drawing software which has been specifically optimized for Plus Closets® to meet the needs of the closet industry, with training, to our dealers who want to produce their own drawings. We also offer a design and drawing service to those who would prefer to have someone else handle this part of the project.

Plus Closets® uses a customized version of the award winning Cabinet Vision 9 software which has been optimized specifically for closet design, allowing you to automatically generate your shop drawings, 3D customer renderings, cutting lists, material requirements, estimating, CNC machining, and so much more. It uses solid modeling technology to create true 3-D presentations of the final product on-screen, while simultaneously generating the necessary information for the Plus Closets® shop floor.

Cabinet Vision is a full blown engineering CAD program. The option to do all of your own final CAD drawings through our customized version of Cabinet Vision software, sending the designs directly to our CNC machines is available to Plus Closets® dealers experienced with closet design and manufacturing. Your Plus Closets sales representative can help you determine whether you are a good fit for this software option, or if you would be better off with the ClosetPro front end drawing tool.

Our version of the Cabinet Vision software has been customized for Plus Closets® to meet the specific needs of the closet industry. The catalog developed for this system is thorough and detailed. This program is made available to qualifying dealers for a small monthly fee. An application for access to this software is available on the Plus Closets Dealer Zone.

More Cabinet Vision informational and training videos are available for free 24/7 on our Plus Closets® YouTube page