Wholesale Closet Systems & So Much More

About Plus Closets®

Plus Closets® is all about custom storage systems. We offer custom wholesale solutions for not only closets, but also pantries, offices, wall beds, mudrooms, laundry rooms and more.

We have invested in state of the art machinery as well as manufacturing space and additional trained personnel to provide outstanding customer service experience that you deserve. With nearly three decades of manufacturing experience and state of the art technology, we provide high quality closet and storage system at wholesale prices.

Plus Closets® also uses only the best materials. Our high quality materials are 3/4 inch furniture-grade melamine or wood veneers. Our competitors use 1/2 inch. We offer over 53 colors in our laminates plus wood veneer and MDF products. We offer 16 door and drawer profiles so your customers have a large variety of options.

We like to say "Our Shop is Your Shop", and it's true. Think of us as your own shop, here to help you service your customers. Making wholesale closet systems and other custom storage systems is our specialty. "We make the closets, you make the money." It's that simple.

We ship completed products within 10-15 business days, ready to install (lead times may be temporarily extended due to COVID-19). We offer a large collection of convenient marketing materials as well as high quality products to help you earn more business. If you are a home remodeler or interior designer, we can help you add custom closets and organization systems to your list of services at wholesale prices, adding to your overall profits.

Plus Closets Dealer Benefits

  1. No startup costs, no franchise fees, and no marketing costs
  2. Exclusive Dealer Tools to make your job easier, including unbranded printed catalogs, press-ready PDFs for marketing, a "Showroom-in-a-Case" with loads of material samples, high resolution images and more
  3. Cabinet Vision® award-winning CAD drawing software for woodworking professionals, training and technical support
  4. High quality materials and craftsmanship
  5. Shipping in 10-15 business days of the signed order (lead times may be temporarily extended due to COVID-19)
  6. The best customer service in the industry

Plus Closets® is a custom storage system manufacturer focusing on wholesale closet systems, closet organizers and overall wholesale storage solutions. With over three decades of experience in the closet industry and a 60,000 square foot facility, we are uniquely positioned to assist you with the design of your customers' storage solutions, from closets to pantries, garages, offices, mudrooms, Murphy beds, laundry rooms and so much more! We can work directly from your drawings or you can utilize our web based drawing software.

Visit our "Benefits of Becoming a Dealer" page for more reasons to join the Plus Closets® family!

Our Team

When you become a dealer for Plus Closets®, a team of closet professionals stand behind you, ready to expand your in-house capabilities and help with design, manufacture, packing, shipping, marketing and sales support.

This includes:

  • Dedicated sales representatives
  • Customer service team
  • Marketing support team
  • Engineering department
  • CAD drawing assistance
  • Production department
  • Shipping department
portrait of Ralph Orlowski
Ralph Orlowski, Manager Plus Closets

Each facet of the Plus Closets team works in union with your company, offering a partnership that benefits both companies.

Call us anytime, or complete the dealer registration form so that the Plus Closets® team can work together with you on your next project.