The 360 Organizer® Pantry

The NEW 360 Organizer® Pantry Built-In Integrates Into a Standard Kitchen Cabinet, But Holds Much, Much More.

The 32 Inch Built-In Pantry Model:

The NEW 360 Organizer® Pantry can be built into your kitchen cabinetry design. With a 32" footprint, it is smaller and narrower than the other 360 Organizer® models and integrates very well into a small pantry closet. The unit, including the cabinet, is 32" deep x 32" wide x 91.5" high. The main shelves are 11.5" x 18" on one side and 6.5" x 18" on the other. Side shelves measure 3.5" x 18". All shelves for this new pantry model include chrome fences to ensure items stay put. Like all 360 Organizers®, the unit spins smoothly and silently through manual rotation.


360 Organizer rotating pantry organization system

The 360 Organizer® Pantry is Available in a Full Range of Color Choices

Check our colors page to view swatches of all the available colors.

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