Colors & Finishes Laminates, High Gloss, Metallic, Wood Veneers or "The True Touch of Wood™"

Plus Closets® is proud to differentiate itself from other closet wholesalers by offering 24 standard Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) color choices at four different price points, WITH FIVE COLORS PRICED THE SAME AS WHITE! In addition, we offer a wide selection of premium laminates with ten VIVA® thermofoil laminates — virtually indistinguishable from wood — and nine shades of Stylelite® high gloss finishes including metallic shades that mimic actual metal.

With so many color and finish options available, you're sure to find the perfect selection to please your customers. Samples of all of the color and finish options available at Plus Closets have been packaged into a comprehensive kit for our dealers.

Please be aware that colors can vary on every monitor or device. These images are for general reference only. Use your sample box provided to all Plus Closets® dealers for physical color samples to show your clients.

Plus Closets® Offers Over 45 Color Choices

Click on any of the swatches for a larger color sample. (Price levels for our standard laminates are indicated next to the color name). Call for pricing on premium wood veneers and high gloss or metallic laminates.

Sample systems in each color, along with a detailed description of the laminate color, can be viewed by clicking the "example" button on your enlarged color sample.

VIVA® — The True Touch of Wood™

Laminates with a feel and texture that makes them practically indistinguishable from real wood:

After Hours
After Hours
Apres Ski
Apres Ski
Casting at 1st Light
Casting at 1st Light
Sunday Brunch
Sunday Brunch
Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise
Tea for Two
Tea for Two
Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway
Winter Fun!
Winter Fun!

High Gloss Laminates:

Stylelite® is the advanced high gloss acrylic finished panel which delivers superior appearance and durability compared with 2 pack paint, laminates or vinyl. StyleLite provides a deep high gloss color without ripples, making StyleLite finished panels the preferred choice for architects, interior designers, builders and home owners. Plus Closets maintains nine Stylite® high gloss laminates in stock.

Alabaster TFL
Champagne TFL
Metallic Graphite TFL
Metallic Graphite
High Gloss Lavato Oak TFL
Lavato Oak
High Gloss Sienna Teak TFL
Sienna Teak
High Gloss Tierra Elm TFL
Tierra Elm

Velvet Laminate Finishes — (With a texture similar to eggshell paint)


Alabaster Velvet TFL finishes
Alabaster Velvet
Artic Velvet TFL finishes
Arctic Velvet
Carbon Velvet TFL finishes
Carbon Velvet

Additional StyleLite® colors are available by special order as a custom color. Download the Sylelite brochure for a full listing. All non-stock colors are considered custom orders and require additional lead time.    Stylelite Brochure

High Gloss Ash TFL finishes
High Gloss Cherry TFL finishes
High Gloss Espresso TFL finishes
High Gloss Fossil TFL finishes
High Gloss Frost TFL finishes
High Gloss Lace TFL finishes
High Gloss Mocha TFL finishes
High Gloss Riga-Birch TFL finishes
High Gloss Ruby TFL finishes
High Gloss Sand TFL finishes
High Gloss Sierra TFL finishes
High Gloss Slate TFL finishes
High Gloss Tulipwood TFL finishes
High Gloss Vintage Pearl TFL finishes
Ash Velvet TFL finishes
Ash Velvet
Slate Velvet TFL finishes
Slate Velvet

Other Finishes Wood Veneers and MDF

  • The option of selecting a wood veneer system instead of laminate is always available. Wood veneers can be stained or painted to match any color. Our veneers are available in raw alder, raw maple and raw cherry — each with its own distinctive graining and beauty.
  • MDF is another option and systems ordered in this material can be painted to any custom color.
raw alder wood veneer
Raw Alder
raw maple wood veneer
Raw Maple
raw cherry wood veneer
Raw Cherry